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CHM Group of Institutions houses a Central Library and separate libraries in each Faculty to provide to its students and staff a chance to explore a world of knowledge in a conducive environment. By making accessible a rich collection of print and non-print, primary and secondary material in various disciplines, the Libraries support the academic as well as research needs of thousands of students and hundreds of teachers of the University:

Key Highlights:

  • Central library housing a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROMs, research reports, etc. in all areas and branches of study in all disciplines.
  • The Libraries house a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROMs, research reports, online Journals and databases and data analysis software, etc. in all areas of study in all disciplines.
  • Use of software in the libraries, which has made book issuing and depositing system completely an automatic process.
  • Online Catalog software which enables the students and staff to search the availability, request and reserve various books and other reference material available in the libraries at the comfort of their houses.
  • The internet facility is offered with a 500 Mbps dedicated leased line.

Facilities Available

  • Library Membership: All students and teachers who join the University automatically become members of the Library.
  • Periodical & Newspaper Section: Every library holds a very rich collection of relevant periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Reference Service: Ready help and guidance is provided to all patrons searching for any book or other reference material within the libraries.
  • Xerox Facility: For the convenience of staff and students the libraries have Xerox machines to offer Xerox facility.
  • Cloak Room: The libraries have a cloak room for keeping the belongings of the students’ safe while they are within the library premises.
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity: The libraries are completely Wi-Fi enabled to provide an easy access to internet