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Examination Procedure


  • Medium –The medium of instruction and evaluation is English.
  • Approval of Courses – Each course along with its weightage in terms of credits is approved by the University as per the procedures laid down by the them. Only approved courses may be offered during any semester/ term.
  • List of Courses –The list of courses to be offered by a department is finalized before the beginning of the semester/ summer term by the concerned Head, taking into consideration all the requirements and the recommendations of the standing committee of the University. The list of all courses offered by the Institute in an academic term will be made available to the students before the date of registration for that term.
  • Conduct of Courses- Each course is conducted by the Academic-in-charge, assigned by the Head of Department, with the assistance of the required number of tutors and other instructors. The Academic-in-charge is responsible for conducting the course, making the question paper, holding the examinations in his/her course, getting the answer scripts evaluated by the team of tutors and other instructors, awarding grades at the end of the semester/summer term and transmitting the grades to the Academic Section through the Head of the Department within the prescribed time limit (i.e., 96 hours after the conduct of the End Semester Examination).
  • Teaching Assignments – The Instructors-in-Charge, instructors and tutors for all the courses offered by a department during the semester / summer term are designated by the concerned Head. If any other department is also required to participate in teaching a particular course, the respective Head designates the instructor and /or tutor.
  • A teacher is expected to follow the approved curriculum. However, he/she can deviate from it in case it is felt that such deviation will improve the academic purpose of the course. In no case, this will be treated as a ground for complaint by the students.


The evaluation of the students is a continuous process and is based on their performance in semester examinations, end semester examination, quizzes/short tests, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work (if any), make-up examinations (if applicable), etc.

In general, there shall be no choice in test/examination papers. The Academic-in-charge, assisted by the team of tutors and other instructors, is responsible for making the question paper, conducting the examination in his/her course, getting the answer scripts evaluated by the team of tutors, and awarding the grades. The grades are forwarded through the Head of the Department who will ensure that proper standards have been used.

The complete transparency will be maintained in evaluation system. The graded scripts of quizzes, tests, and mid-semester examinations will be returned to the students within a reasonable time. The answer scripts of the internal examinations will be shown to the students after marking. All instructors will notify a time for such access within three days of the examination. A student may point out errors or omissions, if any, in marking in writing on the cover sheet of the answer script. The instructor will take these into account before submission of grades.

The final grades earned by all students registered in a course will be submitted by the Academic-in-charge to the Academic Section through the Head of the Department after the conduct of the End Semester Examination.

Schedule of Examinations –

  • The end-semester examination and the mid-semester examinations will be held within the periods allocated in the Academic Calendar. In exceptional circumstances, the Head, Academic Affairs may permit holding the examinations outside these periods.
  • Make-up Examinations
    *If a student, for bonafide reasons such as illness, etc., fails to appear in the end-semester examination in one or more course(s), he/ she may make a request personally or through someone to Institution/university for a make-up examination within two days of the date of the scheduled examination.
    Such a request must, however, be made on a prescribed form , available in the Academic Section, giving reasons for the failure to appear in the end- semester examination with a certificate from a Government Hospital/Institute Dispensary, in case the failure was due to illness. In case, Govt. hospital/dispensary or institute dispensary is not in the vicinity of the student, the institute shall depute a doctor for medical examination of the student at the cost of student.

Only one make-up examination, for the end-semester examination, is allowed per course. For failures to appear in mid-semester examinations, etc., it is entirely up to the Academic-in-charge to ascertain the proficiency of the student by whatever means he/she considers appropriate if he/she is satisfied of the student’s bonafides.

Grading System

The performance of the student in a course is reported in terms of broadband grades. The following letter grades are used:

Letter Grade Performance Grade Points
A+ Excellent Above 70%
A Very Good 60 – 69%
B+ Good 50 – 59%
B Average 40 – 49%
C Fail 40%