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Hotels are amongst the most visible and important aspects of a country’s infrastructure. Hotel industry is a closely linked one to the tourism industry. A number of factors like promotion of tourism and rapid industrial progress have given a boost to hoteliering. The recent liberalization of trade and opening up of economy will further lead to revolutionary growth in this sector.

With increasing globalization, career opportunities in this field are not only limited within the country but there are chains of hotels which operate internationally providing scope of a career abroad. It is a glamorous profession which has a bright future. With the growth of hotel industry propelled by foreign and domestic tourism and business travel, the demand for well trained quality personnel too has grown impressively.

The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than in any other profession. Hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting. Today, the rise in corporate activity (leading to greater number of business trips) as well

As the wish to travel on holiday has made the hotel industry a very competitive one.

Hospitality and travel organizations are on the lookout for talent to manage their hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, travel agencies and airline companies worldwide. The hospitality industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. With the fast growth and tremendous opportunities throughout Asia, especially in India, currently the hospitality industry in this region has great demand for professionals with management skills, industry expertise, and international experience and perspective.

With the right attitude, an international qualification from a reputed hospitality school, and global work experience, the sky is the limit.

After getting degree from CHM Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad you can join any of the following:

Career Opertunity

Food Chains

Career Opertunity

Hotel & Restaurent

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Food Laboratory

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Corporate Catering

Career Opertunity

Railway Catering