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I would like to Congratulate upon opening of the “College of hotel Management” Ghaziabad. This College will certainly value add in creating employment opportunities in Hotel industry & Tourism sector not only metro cities but also to rest of the country. Demand of skilled hotel Management graduates is very high and undoubtedly the CHM will cater to this need establishing itself well before the upcoming common Wealth Games slated for 2010 wish to extend.
My heartily congratulation to you & your entire team for success in future endeavors.
Annirban Sanyal
Corporate Training Manager
Sarovar Group of Hotels

“The College’s dedication to hotel & management education signifies its unique understanding of the new global marketplace. It presents lots of unique and exciting learning opportunities. A really innovative and challenging program that is fulfilling on a both personal and professional basis. Within this unique global academic framework, the institute’s rigorous business curriculum becomes very relevant.
I would suggest everyone to follow that course if you want to expand your career.”
 Naveen Kumar Verma
Director – Human Resource
Le-Meridian Hotel, New Delhi 

 It is a great pleasure for me to convey my best wishes towards the “CHM Ghaziabad” with its mission of providing better career opportunity to the students of Hotel Management. This Institute with its new trends & techniques of hospitality industry has maintained a high standard in view of providing professional education and will provide skilled manpower to hotel & tourism industry in our country & abroad as well.
Manish Sandhu
Corporate Training & Development Manager
Starwood International – India, Nepal, Bangladesh

I command the efforts of CHM towards creating professonilism in buidding Hoteliers & pulling value to make them nice human being as well.
Vijay Wanchy
Sr. VP Operations
The Impereal, ND

I extend my best wishes to Management of “College of Hotel Management, Ghaziabad (U.P.)” on commencement of first academic session 2007-08.

Hope, under guidance of well trained staff, students of college of Hotel Management will serve the Hospitality & Tourism Sector extremely well.

S.P. Mody
Addl. GM (ATM)
AAI, Integrated Planning Cell